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Clinical Group 2
Wikispace Instructions

Topic: Teen Pregnancy and its effect on the mother, infant and family. Objective 2

1. Teen Pregnancy overview
2. Identify issues R/T ~Mother
3. Apply the nursing process to teen pregnancy in your content areas
(including appropriate nursing Dx/interventions/outcomes, etc.)
5. Expected Plan of Care (both medical and nursing) R/T your content areas

Terminology: You must define/explain all terminology that is used.

Creativity: You are encouraged to be creative in your presentation of material. Use additional resources, PPT, videos, etc. Remember to reference where all materials come from at the bottom of your wikispace page. You may present the material anyway your choose, ie. Create a casestudy (with links to the answers), create careplans, concept maps, etc.

MC Questions: You must include all of your group members MC questions on your wikispace page. This could be done by just posting the questions and then linking to an answer key that has the question, answer and rationale. Again, be creative.

Example of good wikispace pages: http://westwood.wikispaces.com/Safe+purchasing+online

Wikipage due Monday November 30th at 11:59pm. Additions and revisions posted after this date and time will not be graded.
After your team has created your wikispace page and all permissions have been set, post your wikispace address on the discussion board for Special Needs Families. Again, this must be done before 11:59pm on November 30th. Each student is to review the wikispaces of the other teams as tools to prepare for e